Our team manage your tax compliance process and filing by engaging with you on every aspect from preliminary tax payments and capital gains tax payments to submitting your return and arranging your balancing payment. We work to communicate with you early in the process and with continuous engagement to ensure the process is painless and efficient.

Our tax team has a wealth of experience in providing advice on personal tax matters. We take the time to understand your individual circumstances and tailor the advice to your requirements. We provide the services to a number of legal partnerships and have significant expertise in this area.

We provide advice on business structuring including income tax planning and extraction of company profits. Other services include advising on termination payments, share schemes, employment and investment scheme (EII) and SURE (start-up relief for entrepreneurs) investments.

We also assist clients who are based in Ireland and work in another country to understand their tax position and steps which may be available to minimise the foreign tax and deal with the administrative burden. Our services include advising individuals from abroad who arrive on secondment or move permanently to Ireland.


We provide the full suite of compliance services to a wide and diverse sector base including retail, construction, education, motor, technology, leisure, professional services, energy, media, investments, and leasing.

We take a proactive approach through our compliance process to understand the company and its shareholders and identify tax opportunities.

We have a wealth of experience in advising and undertaking due diligence on the sale and acquisition of companies and group reorganisations (including cross border) to structure the transaction in the most tax efficient manner for the company and its shareholders.


With the increase in rates since previous times it's vitally important to plan in advance of all transactions including retirement and succession.

There are a number of reliefs available from capital gains tax (e.g. retirement relief, entrepreneurs relief) and capital acquisitions tax (e.g. business property relief) and it is important that any actions are planned in advance to ensure they are taken at the correct time and in the correct manner to avail of the reliefs.

We provide the advisory services to assist you to understand the tax implications of transactions and assist with the planning and management of projects.


VAT can be a complex tax that can result in significant unexpected liabilities if applied incorrectly.

In addition to providing compliance services our team advises on all aspects of VAT for clients trading in the domestic and international markets.

Our VAT services include:

  • VAT on Property - every transaction is unique and there are a number of different VAT treatments that can apply. Advice should always be obtained, otherwise for example there may be non recovery or a clawback of VAT at a later time.
  • Not for Profit Sector - there is no blanket exemption from VAT for not for profit organisations. Therefore VAT may apply to certain activities.
  • Cross Border - we advise on VAT issues relating to the cross border supply of goods and services and the recovery of VAT incurred in foreign jurisdictions. Where exporting goods it is vital that you have performed supplier and customer due diligence to ensure conformity with the legislation.
  • VAT health checks to review that the treatment is correct and to identify any potential savings (e.g. qualifying activities, common overheads, group registrations).


Relevant Contracts Tax (RCT) is a tax that if the administrative procedures are not followed correctly can result in significant penalties. RCT has precise rules in relation to contract notifications and payment deduction authorisations to ensure the correct tax is withheld.

We can advise in respect of in what circumstances RCT applies and the administrative requirements.

International Tax

We are a member of TGS Global, a top 20 international network firm. We collaborate with our colleagues in the overseas member firms to provide a seamless service with a single point of contact. If for example you are expanding your business overseas organically or by acquisition we can assist with managing the project.


  • Personal Tax
  • Corporate Tax
  • Capital Taxes
  • VAT
  • RCT
  • International Tax

We aim to help you see the audit process as a benefit to your business, not just a cost.

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