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Audit and
Assurance Services

Our audit and assurance processes follow best practice.

Needless to say our audit and assurance services are dynamic and tailored to meet our client's specific requirements. As part of our procedures we take the time to understand our client's businesses, the environment they are operating in, the risks they are facing and their concerns.

Like all leading firms, GBW applies risk based audit and assurance processes. This helps clients to assess and manage risk, and to identify areas for operational improvement. A risk based approach allows us to tailor our work processes to suit the size and nature of our client's circumstances.

GBW prides itself in having a top class, experienced workforce, ready to provide our clients with a truly quality led audit and assurance service.

Our staff are highly skilled and trained to meet exacting standards. The service characteristics of our audit and assurance teams include hands-on year-round contact with our clients.

Financial Reporting and Statutory Audit

For many companies who require an audit it is a statutory requirement with which their business must comply. At GBW we try to make it as painless and beneficial as possible, seeing the audit process as an opportunity to review your business.

Using a risk-based approach, GBW considers the whole organisation and the economic environment in which it operates. We analyse a business in the context of its markets and industry environment to determine how key risks affect financial results. This approach allows us to focus our attention on the high risk areas and bring added value to you in our findings. Following completion of the audit we will take you through our findings openly and, where appropriate, make suggestions as to how practical improvements can be made to your business.

In order to give you a truly quality led audit service we ensure that our audit teams are expert led, there is no substitute for skills and training to meet exacting auditing standards. our audit teams understand that your organisation is constantly changing as we also live in a dynamic business environment. As part of our commitment to you, we work with you throughout the year, advising on issues and responding to queries, which helps us understand your business as it develops.

Internal Audit

Corporate Governance expectations are changing before our eyes, with the Internal Audit function playing a much greater role in larger businesses.

Our team will allow us to devise and execute a plan to meet your requirements.

We can provide a sole or complimented service which will facilitate reporting to an Audit Committee.

Our solutions assist management in developing an internal audit plan that meets specific their needs.

We aim to help you see the audit process as a benefit to your business, not just a cost.

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